Stretches – Quad Stretch – Part 3

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How to perform this stretch:
• You may need a cushion for your knee, to begin with
• Start by fixing the foot on a stable surface. Here I use a wall, but something like a sofa is also ideal
Lower the body so that the knee is on the floor, keeping it as close to the foot as possible
Lean back and push the hips forward with an option of holding onto something stable behind you.

If kneeling option is difficult here some alternatives:
• Try my Quad Stretch Series 1 or 3 or Quad Foam Roll available on my social media.

What if I’m feeling pain in the knee?
This may occur due to 1) inflammation, or, 2) wear and tear in the knee. However, doing this stretch in the long term will reduce stiffness, which is often the cause of pain.

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