Stretches – Groin/Adductor Stretch – Part 2

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How to perform this stretch:

• Start by kneeling on a soft surface with one leg straight on the side level with the body
• Ensure the foot is on the side and the toe is facing forward
Variation 1: On the hands. Variation 2: On the elbows
• Gently lean back and forth with the body, ensuring minimal rounding of the lower back

If the kneeling option is difficult here are 2 alternatives:

  • Place a cushion on the knee
  • Try the ‘Groin/Adductor Stretch 1’
  • I will soon post a standing variation to stretch the adductors!

What if I’m feeling pain in the knee?

This may occur due to 1) inflammation, or, 2) wear and tear in the knee. However, doing this stretch in the long term will reduce stiffness, which is often the cause of pain.

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