Stretches – Child’s Pose Variation

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How to perform this stretch:

• Start by kneeling on something soft like a mat
• Place the hands over the ankles
• Bring the head close to the knees as much as possible to arch the back
• Take slow deep breaths to further stretch the back muscles and joints
• Optionally, use a pillow between the tummy and legs to encourage squeezing the abdominals and increase the stretch

What if I’m feeling pain in the knee?

This may occur due to 1) inflammation, or, 2) wear and tear in the knee. However, doing this stretch in the long term will reduce stiffness, which is often the cause of pain

If the kneeling option is difficult here are 2 alternatives:

• Place cushion(s) between the knees and the floor
• If still difficult, take a look at my 'Office Stretch Series' for Cat/Cow and Seated Child’s Pose Stretches.

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