Partner Assisted Stretching – Lying Down

It doesn’t matter whether you’re lying down on the floor or plinth, sideways or diagonal. I will always find a way to stretch and move the body. 😃🕺🏼

Sometimes it’s difficult for some of my clients to be in certain positions to move or manipulate them. In that case, I will be the one to move around so that you don’t have to go through more pain than you have to! Our only limitation is our imagination to think outside the box. 🤓💡

Today, I’m showing some PNF partner assisted variations with Emily Dawson once again that I do on a regular basis with my clients. 🙌🏽

PNF (proprioceptive neuromuscular facilitation) is sub-maximal counter resistance on a stretch to increase muscle length. It does this by stimulating the GTO (Golgi tendon organs) to inhibit the muscle as a window of opportunity to go further.

🔻Remember – Maximal counter resistance on end range of motion could lead to injury!

Usually, PNF stretches are done very simply. However, there’s no real such thing as advanced PNF stretching… it’s just applied knowledge of counter-resistance stretching on different planes of motion and combined body movements using anatomy as a guide. 🤓

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