Here you find a wide range of body stretches from the most basic to the most advanced techniques. They can be done simply and easily and only require your time and effort!


My video demonstrations and simple instructions will allow you to replicate the exact stretches that I instruct for my clients.

Groin/Abductor Stretch – Part 1

How to perform this stretch:

• Start by kneeling on a soft surface with knees wider than hips
• Ensure the feet are in line with the knees

• Option 1: Hands on floor
• Option 2: Elbows on floor

• Rock back and forth, buttocks to feet, keeping the back as straight as possible


Can you suggest an exercise mat for me?


You only need an inexpensive mat for comfort and to absorb body pressure, especially form the knees and feet.

Hamstring Stretch Variation – Part 1

How to perform this stretch:


• Start by being seated, legs straight and feet wider than hips
• Option 1: Using a band or towel as assistance over the arch of the feet, pull the body forward
• Option 2: Hands holding ankles or toes, if you can reach
• Option 3: Try Option 1 & 2 with either the feet together or in a wider position
• Option 4: Keeping the feet wider than hips, turn the body alternatively to do ‘mini push-ups’ to stretch the hamstring muscles.

Lower Back QL Stretch

You may need a band or a towel to begin with depending on your flexibility.


How to perform this stretch:


• Start by sitting down upright with one leg straight, wider than the hips at about 45 degrees
• Place the opposite foot next to the knee of the straight leg


Option 1

• Using the band/towel, wrap it over the arch of the straight leg
• Pull the band/towel as you reach the opposite hand over head towards the foot
• Attempt to get closer to the foot over time


Option 2

• Place one hand over the same side ankle or foot and gently pull

Quad Stretch – Part 1

How to perform this stretch:

• See if you can sit on your buttocks and onto your heels upright in an upright position
• Ideally toes pointing away. However, if uncomfortable, toes up is okay
• Place the hands behind for extra balance
• Lift the hips towards the ceiling and hold.

If kneeling option is difficult here are 2 alternatives:


• Place cushion(s) between your buttocks and ankles, as shown in the picture
• If difficult reaching your ankles, try a standing quad-stretch using a towel for added reach.


What if I’m feeling pain in the knee?

This may occur due to 1) inflammation, or, 2) wear and tear in the knee.

However, doing this stretch in the long term will reduce stiffness, which is often the cause of pain.

Soleus Stretch Variations

Basic Stretch


How to perform this:


• You’ll need a cushion to begin for the back knee
• Ensure the front leg is neither too far nor too close to the body for this stretch.
• Push the knee forward using the hands over the knee to help keep the heel on the floor
• Ensure that the knee is going directly straight over the toe and not going more to one side.




1) Twisting same side as leg in front
2) Twisting opposite side as leg in front
3) With an overhead reach

How to perform the Variations:

• This is a dynamic movement. Either when twisting or doing an overhead reach, gently draw the knee forward at the same time.



• Try to ensure that the heel doesn’t lift off the floor as much as possible
• If it does, try bringing the foot further forward.