Scan Referrals


Scans such as MRI’s, X-rays and ultrasound are available with us. It’s not always necessary to have a scan as good clinical examination can find out what the most likely diagnosis is and what are the contributing factors.

However, for ease of mind, we commonly get asked for scan referrals. They may also be used for chronic going pain to get a better understanding of what is going on.

Step 1 – Consultation

Step 2 – Referral for a Scan

Location of scans are in certain hospitals all over London whereby you can be referred to the closest one to home or work for your convenience.

Bookings depend on the hospital and times available. You could get a scan with results as fast as one day!  Prices vary on the time of day, whereby the cheapest are off-peak times. Additionally, what you pay varies on the type of scan required.

Please note: Scans are external to us and we do not make a profit. We include it in our services to provide the best service for our clients.