002: Initial Osteopath Consultation

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Hey! My name's Adrian. How are you? Come on in. Welcome to my clinic!

So the typical things I'll be asking in a consultation are the main things, why you come here. But also there might be some other issues that has brought you here as well, or you might not have even considered that I can help as well.

I'll be asking questions whether there are aggravating factors, relieving factors, have you had any scans, are you taking any medications for it. I'd like to know a little more about your history, how things have come to be. Do you have any broken bones, for example. These things are maybe relevant and important. I'll also ask lifestyle factors about your work and family that may be contributing towards your aches and pains.

And then I come onto the second side, and from here I start to ask questions about your organ health to check up if there's anything that might have been missed or might be related to why you've come here in the first place. I like to talk a little bit about diet as well as these factors also help with the healing process. From there we go through the examination and I will jot down in my notes what I think is going on.

So this is the point in the consultation where we will go through we finish through the examination and I explain what I think is going on in terms of the diagnosis, and also to explain the aggravating factors towards that. So we need to devise a plan based on that to work out how many sessions an individual may need and also exercises and stretches will also be given along the way. It will be given in a progressive way, depending on the person's response to treatment.

I also give self-care advice if people were to get aches and pains along the way. Now with this plan every one is different. I sit down with the individual. I discuss what the likely outcomes what we can agree on. And based on what we can agree on I give a guarantee, a money-back guarantee if it does not work out for you on that agreement that we set ourselves on.


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