Home Exercise – Push Up Progression 2

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How to perform this exercise:

This may differ on which variation you choose:

• Ensure the hands wide enough so that the hands, elbows and shoulders are in line with each other
• Keep the chest up and shoulders back when performing
• Start with smaller push ups but always look to go lower with the variations provided to open up the chest!

Common mistakes: Overarching the neck and lower back

1. Kneeling Push Ups - (Not on video)
2. Mini Push Ups - On hands and feet
3. Negative Push Ups - Slowly controlling yourself to the floor without push back up
4. Wide Push Ups - Generally easier than narrow
5. Narrow Push Ups

The 2 things the body needs to either get out of pain or to prevent it is Mobility & Stability. Push up exercises focus more on the stability side, but they are great exercises for opening up the chest and the posture, if done correctly.

An upper body stretch programme may be required together with these exercises for maximal results and to progress.

If these are too hard, try the Push Up Progression - Part 1.

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