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  • DIAGNOSE the underlying problem (and not just the symptoms),
  • DEVELOP an achievable programme to full recovery,
  • DELIVER you free from pain."

Don't suffer in pain any longer with band-aid solutions that don't work!  As a fully-trained osteopath, naturopath, health and fitness consultant here is my blueprint to you to get you back to full health once again. "Together we will...

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Your Road To Recovery In Three Easy Steps

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My name is Adrian Lee, based in Central London, and serving people just like you either suffering from body pain or looking to improve their physical well-being. My clients range from everyday people to elite sports athletes.

In many cases you, the client, have a problem that has reached the point where "popping a pill" or "putting up with the pain" is no longer a viable alternative to correcting the underlying problem.

The pain you are experiencing is quite often specific to you alone. Either individually or in combination, your current suffering can be attributed is due to things like:

  • Incorrect body alignment
  • Physical trauma
  • Walking abnormalities
  • Poor nutrition
  • Bad posture
  • Repetitive strain
  • Psychological health
  • And so on...

Don't put things off any longer! Did you know you could, in fact, be aggravating that stiff neck, acute backache or joint pain by not getting it treated sooner? Unfortunately, I meet people that waited so long putting it off so long that treatment has become their top priority! Much like not visiting the dentist because you have a toothache. 😀

But now, here are my 3 simple steps to get you back to full body health or to improve your health and fitness, depending on your specific needs.

  • DIAGNOSE The Underlying Problem

Your body ideally should be like a well-oiled motor vehicle in which all the parts interact and work in harmony with the other. Unfortunately, us humans are not always designed that way! We don't always have good circulation, respiration or digestion. Add to that the stresses and strains we put on ourselves from our work, accidents, child birth, general wear and tear and stress. It should therefore be no surprise where many of these ailments come from.

It is imperative to understand all these overlapping symptoms in order to diagnose the real and underlying problem(s). You are putting your health at greater risk by deferring or putting up with uneccessary pain that can further aggravate your suffering. In most cases a full examination will detect exactly what is wrong with you before moving forward.

  • DEVELOP An Achievable Programme

Depending upon your exact condition, together we will develop a programme that takes into account addressing any urgent pain relief as well as your longer-term goals. I am flexible between offering clinic service and home visits. We can discuss any financial constraints that may be stopping you today from starting a corrective care programme.

Whether it's for personalised rehabilitation or performance enhancement our joint goal is to come up with a programme to get you there in a realistic timeframe. It is in our mutual interest to achieve these targets!

  • DELIVER You Free From Pain

Imagine this... you wake up in the morning looking back on the pain in your past, just like today, when you didn't have a solution to eliminate your pain. But now you spring out of bed looking forward to a brand new day! You don't have to take time off work that is costing you money. You can be physically happy and healthy around your loved ones. That debilitating pain is now behind you!

If this is you, isn't this the result that you are looking for?  If you are looking to get to the next level of higher physical performance, isn't that your result? In either case, you can't afford to play guesswork with your health. When we work together our commitment to each other is to deliver the result that we are both looking for...guaranteed!

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Adrian Lee, Master of Osteopathy, Diploma in Naturopathy