Foam Roll – Lats

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You’ll need a foam roller to begin with.

How to perform this:

  • Start on the side whilst on the floor
  • Place the foam roller on the side over the wingbone and under the armpit
  • The position of the foam roller can change every time depending on where the tension is
  • Have the knees bent to help balance the body.

Option 1:

With the roller underneath on the side of the body, slowly roll up and down. If you find a painful area, either stay on that area until the pain lessens or slowly roll over it.

Option 2:

With the roller on the side of the body, keep the ball on one area as you twist the arm and torso around and repeat this motion slowly.

What is the best roller for me?

There are various types from soft to firm and ridged. You don’t need something expensive, but one that allows you to relax whilst applying muscle pressure. I recommend starting with a cheap, softer roller.

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