Exercise Rehab

Exercise rehabilitation (rehab) entails full physical recovery from injury post-trauma or post-surgery. It also consists of prehabilitation (prehab) which is getting the body prepared for surgery and a faster recovery.

Typically in the UK the NHS will discharge you once you have regained function and/or there has been a reduction of symptoms. For some they are discharged even if you haven't made any improvement. Maybe you too have felt like a number left with an exercise sheet with no follow up to deal with your problems. At this point it can be typical to become reliant on medication, which has side effects.

However, by having a good plan consisting of exercise rehab and treatment can help address the root problem. A progressive exercise plan can help rebuild the body by improving the mobility, slowly building up strength whilst reducing any inflammation. This is the building block to really improve someone's health and vitality where we look to the long term goals where someone can progress onto Strength & Conditioning.

Exercise Rehab

In order to recover as fast and efficiently as possible we need to reduce inflammation in the body sooner rather than later. This may entail basic exercises/stretches at the beginning stages using nutrition and other tools to assist inflammation reduction. It’s no secret what the body really needs, and that’s mobility and stability in all joints of the body!

However, what most people lack is a good plan to provide those two things in a step-by- step plan. You can’t afford the time, money and frustration of tracing back the rehab steps later down in the line to resolve the scar tissue, "knots" and improper/imbalance of muscles!

I offer online or in-person consultations to discuss a step-by-step plan moving forward, taking into consideration your case history and an assessment to provide a clear progressive exercise programme. Each programme is unique to your needs.