Whether you are looking to get out of painprevent pain reoccurrence, improve health or personal performance, the body needs a combination of mobility/flexibility and stability/strength.

I have, therefore, broken this down into the categories showing below, each of which you can access by clicking on the respective button at the side

Office Exercises


Do you spend much time each day working behind a desk? Especially if fixated to a computer screen your lack of physical activity can lead to tight joints and muscles that lead to bad posture.

If this sounds like you, I recommend around 20-30 minutes of stretching every day. You can find some video examples when you click on the button to the side.



Home Exercises

Not enough time that you tell yourself you can’t get around to doing some essential exercises? What I will show you can be done at home and, if exercise accessories are needed, at minimal cost.



Tennis Ball


A tennis ball is ideal for self-massage. In conjunction with various stretch techniques the tennis ball increases the amount of pressure that you can apply to specific parts of the body.

Along with the foam roll (see below), these are simple and inexpensive items that can aid you in doing exercises from the comfort of home.


Foam Roller


I describe what type of foam roller to look for and demonstrate how it can be used for self-massage. It is easily transportable and highly effective provided you know what exercises to use it for.

Foam roller exercises aid in reducing muscle tension, improving joint mobility, improving localised blood circulation, reducing the risk of injury and improving posture.




Here you find a wide range of body stretches from the most basic to the most advanced techniques. They can be done simply and easily and only require your time and effort!

My video demonstrations and simple instructions will allow you to replicate the exact stretches that I instruct for my clients.