Booking is a two-step process.

Step 1: Book a time and date that best suits you from my current weekly schedule below. If you don't see a suitable time, please contact me giving me details of when I can allocate a mutual time/date that suits us both.

Step 2: Except for free consultations, confirm your booking by then making your payment either by credit/debit card or your account email address by clicking on the PayPal button below. NOTE: You will be then redirected to PayPal's website for secure payment processing.

IMPORTANT: Unpaid bookings slot shall be released if no payment has been processed within 24 hours of booking. Any booking amendments must be done at 24 hours prior to your appointment. Please contact me on (020) 8626 8966 or contact me to confirm these changes.

Step 1: Book Date/Time
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Step 2: Make Booking Payment

You must now make advanced payment to confirm your booking. This booking can be amended up to 24 hours before your appointment.

When clicking on any button you will be redirected to PayPal's independent and secure payment page. There, you can pay either through your PayPal account, or directly with your debit/credit card.


If you need to order multiple services, please click the top-right link "Continue shopping >" of the PayPal page to return here to select a subsequent service. When complete, click on either the checkout button for PayPal account holders or the other one for non-PayPal account holders (see below.)

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Consultation & Treatment (First Visit Only)

Treatment Code (if applicable):

Staff Consultation/ Follow Up Treatment

1 Hour Whole Body Treatment

Student Consultation/ Follow Up Treatment