Andrea Lovasi – Massage Therapist

Relaxation & Recovery with Hands on Holistic Healing

Not only do I treat any pain you are currently suffering, but also any associated problem areas contributing to your aches, pains or stiffness.


Your health and recovery is just as important to me, as I look to restore all aspects of health and vitality. My consultations address nutrition and stretch/exercise guidance to prevent reoccurrence of your existing symptoms.


According to your condition, I vary any massage pressure as appropriate. Additionally, you will benefit from the range of techniques available, including trigger-point therapy and joint mobilisation, getting you on the road to recovery! Don’t worry, your treatment is good for all body types!


Be aware that successful results are a result of implementation of any treatment programmes that you may be asked to do at home. My belief is that a great mindset will help greatly in reinventing your health, fitness and self-esteem.


How do I know this? I became a 2x World Bikini Champion and appeared in renowned fitness magazine, “Fitness & Muscle”, from implementing what I offer you and having the dedication to achieve a desired outcome.”