What is the area of pain that you are suffering from? I have broken down the most frequent problems that people encounter that each require specialised treatment. The areas covered include: head and neck pain, shoulder and upper-back pain, mid-back pain, hip and groin pain, lower back and buttocks pain, elbow pain, knee pain, foot and ankle pain and nutrition.

For maximal results, in conjunction with treatment, a specific stretch/exercise programme is required. This is explained after the first treatment where a step-by-step plan is provided to get out of pain and prevent a reoccurrence, whilst improving mobility, posture and building up strength at the same time!

Lats and Rotator Cuff Pain

Some clients are current or past athletes with problems from their repetitive movement and training. By understanding the physical demands of their sport I tailor their treatment and stretch/exercise programs accordingly. As with all my treatments, I look for, assess and treat those other areas of the body that may be contributing to the area of pain identified.

Shoulder Pain/ Labral Tear

The labrum is a ring of cartilage outside the socket of the hip and shoulder joint and it helps to cushion the joint and provide stability. Left untreated, secondary issues can arise causing the pain around the shoulder.

It’s quite typical that the surgeon will say that the surgery was successful, but the rest is up to the follow up treatment!  It’s not good enough to just rely on the basic exercises from the NHS as you are discharged before the issue has been corrected properly!

My clients have saved themselves time, money and frustration by getting following a post-operative treatment programme devised specifically to their recovery needs.

Neck And Shoulder Pain

When treating clients I sometimes use different techniques, including Chinese techniques. The right methods and techniques are used at the various stages of the programme, dependent on the person and the treatment. To achieve our goals often requires combinations of these methods and techniques.

In this video example (above) I am treating the upper back, chest and shoulders to open up the posture, which has lead to client incurring neck and shoulder pain.

Neck And Arm Pain

Pain in the arm can come from "trapped nerves" located in the arm itself all the way up to the neck. In order to treat or prevent this from occurring we need to improve mobility and stability. Alongside treatment, I recommended my client to do yoga and pilates exercises. This was subsequent to my client's progress when I prescribed what types of exercises were appropriate to further aid recovery.

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