Strength & Conditioning

Conditioning exercises focus on engaging muscles correctly using a full range of motion. This helps prevent injuries by working on the weaker muscles, which reduces overusing of other muscles. This will not only encourage natural muscle growth but better muscle tone, improved flexibility and posture, as well as aiding in fat loss by improving body circulation and metabolic rate.

Strengthening exercises focus on how heavy your muscles can lift. Typically they will be whole body exercises (compound exercises). Again, focusing on good form with a  full range of motion allows the muscles to work correctly.

Strength & Conditioning

Far too many people are discharged too early from their health care cover without addressing their long-term problems properly. You can save yourself time, money and frustration by getting the issue resolved the first time around. After an injury it’s quite typical for either a reoccurrence or secondary problems causing symptoms.

Symptoms in the future aren’t always a coincidence and there’s always an underlying reason behind it that may be preventable. I offer online or in-person consultations to discuss a step-by-step plan moving forward, taking into consideration your case history and an assessment to provide a clear progressive exercise programme. Each programme is unique to your needs.

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