Below you will find some stretch exercise examples that are important in aiding you to return to full recovery and mobility. Together we structure a routine directed to your specific needs. Please take the time to watch some of these short demonstrations.

Figure 4 stretch. This one's good to stretch the muscles on the outside, the buttock and the lower back. Just when you come down to lie down. Ankle over the knee. What you want to do is there's a small gap between. Grab onto the leg and then to pull. Some people prefer to pull from the shin. That's okay. Just like so.

This stretch is for the lower back. It will open the lower back and help stretch the buttock muscles and the muscles at the side of the leg. So this one when you lie down, you come over and bring the hand over the knee. And from there you're looking away towards the opposite hand. You should be feeling this (the stretch) along the side of here (thigh) and along the back.

The adductor muscles are in between the legs. Kneeling with a pillow, if needed. Bring the knees apart. Start with the hands and try to bring the buttocks back to the feet and then back to normal. You can come lower to deepen the stretch or bring the knees a little bit wider. Again, this is to feel the stretch on the inside of the legs.

This ankle stretch can be done with a cushion. You want to be feeling the stretch at the back of the leg. Make sure the foot is straight. Push the knee forward. If you bring the foot too far forward you won't get the stretch at the back of the leg. So, not too far forward, foot straight and feel the stretch at the back of the leg.

This is a hip flexor stretch. You may need padding or a cushion for the knees. Bring one leg in front. Push the knee forward feeling the stretch on the back leg as you open up the hip. You can use the support of the wall to help you out. If you want to go a little bit more, you can go further forward.

The quad muscles are the muscles in the front thigh. You can use a pillow if needed. While bending your knees bring your leg against a wall or a sofa. Gently lean back into the stretch. You should feel the stretch in the front of the leg. Try getting the hips to come forward a little.

I'm going to show a quad and hip muscle stretch. So that's the muscles in the front (thighs) and front of the hips. From here I'm going to place the hands behind and then gently raise the hips to come up. And you should be feeling the stretch in the front of the legs. Try and keep the hips level to the knees.

This next stretch is a whole body stretch. Keep legs wide. Preference for hands clasping opposite wrists. Twist body several times in one direction and likewise back in opposite direction. Good for opening hips, lower and upper back all at once.

This stretch, cat and cow, is typically used in yoga to open up the spine and the rib cage and everything in the middle of the back. Here you want to exhale to go to bad posture. And inhale into your best posture. You should be feeling the squeeze, as you come back, between the shoulder blades and not to let the head come up too much.

This is an ankle stretch for the back of the legs, the calf muscles. For this you can use the wall for assistance. Make sure the back leg is straight, facing front and pushing the front leg forward.as the back leg strains. You should feel it along the back. And then you will do both sides.