Client Reviews

Below you can play a short video from my clients and their results when working with me. Underneath each client video I have given my own short analysis of the diagnosis and treatment undertaken, both in written and audio format.

You may well be just like they were, and look at how quickly they were able to resume their normal activities free from pain. Contact me if you would like the same result for yourself!

Fanny (Chiswick, UK)

"I originally saw Fanny for lower-back pain. At the time she felt that this affected her reaching her goals at the gym and playing tennis in her recreational time. This was due to lower-back joint irritation and strained muscles in the buttocks.

I explained in the short time that we need to increase the joints' mobility in the spine and to reduce muscle tension. However, I also recognised that this was due to posture misalignment and muscle imbalances, and that this needed to be addressed in the long-term to treat Fanny correctly and prevent a recurrence.

In just over a month and four treatments the issue has resolved and Fanny hasn't had any lower-back issues since then."

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Ravi (Chelsea, UK)

"I've been seeing Ravi for left-shoulder pain that has been going on-and-off for a year. MRI results showed severely torn ligaments in the shoulder causing shoulder irritation and strained muscles surrounding the shoulder which has stopped Ravi playing golf.

Originally it was thought by doctors in order to carry on playing Ravi needed surgery. We started with something known as pre-hab treatment to get Ravi better prepared to recover quicker from the surgery.

The focus in treatment also involved improving Ravi's posture to help him change his golfing technique in order to put less pressure on the shoulder. As this improved we started including conditioning exercises, improving them weekly in a progressive way.

Ravi now has full range of motion in the shoulder without pain and can now do push-ups which previously irritated the shoulder. With increased strength, better alignment and golf technique Ravi looks to conservatively start playing in two months time after eight treatments."

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Jenny (Chiswick, UK)

"Jenny came to see me after getting persistent mid-back pain where she was relying on over-the-counter pain medication to mask the symptoms.

It got worse where rib joints strain and muscle spasm around the spine caused a feeling of shortness of breath.

We discussed a treatment plan where I also got her to make some changes to the stretch and gym exercise routine to prevent a recurrence.

Jenny sits for many hours at work and I also discussed how her seated posture was contributing to the pain and what she could do to combat a constant build up of stiffness."

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Robert (Acton, UK)

"I had seen Robert for lower-back pain which left him unable to leave his home for work. He had a history of back pain, but not like this for many years. 

After a few treatments he was able to get back to work and continually got better as he started stretching and exercising more which complimented the treatment.

Robert is now training at the gym and is pain-free for the past few months."

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Rani (East Acton, UK)

"I saw Rani 2 years after a car incident where she had been suffering from whiplash symptoms, including persistent headaches,neck and shoulder pain and stiffness. It was so bad she found it difficult to sleep or she kept waking up due to the pain.

Rani didn't find much relief from the services provided from the NHS and felt she wasn't happy with the symptoms affecting her everyday activities.

When I saw Rani I explained that the pain may still be around for a few treatments as we looked to reduce the stiffness and inflammation surrounding the neck. After following through the full plan she now feels normal again and after years of putting up with the pain and taking medication, which she doesn't take anymore now."

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