About Me

Adrian Michael Lee

Osteopath, Naturopath, Personal Trainer, Mentor, Published Pro Fitness Model

Born in Australia, but raised in West London, I was very interested in health and physical activity during my school years. I participated in cricket, rugby, basketball and gymnastics. Yet, it was only when I sustained an severe injury did it make me realise how I had taken for granted my own physical health. After leaving school I became a personal fitness trainer and gym class instructor at various London gym

After seeing many people with injuries, I further progressed my skills with movement-based exercise to get people out of pain. After which I undertook a 4-year Masters Degree in Osteopathy and Diploma in Naturopathy, graduating in 2016. During that time I had several personal clients that often needed my help due to work-related stress, a sedentary working environment or physical injury from an accident.

Since then I continue to mentor and assess individuals to become personal trainers, passing on my knowledge and be seen as a leader within the industry. Using my industry knowledge for my own physical well being I have become a Pro Fitness model, appearing in magazines and stage competitions.

My own clients have remarked that, in addition to achieving the desired results like pain relief, injury recovery or physical fitness gains, they feel comfortable and confident about how I communicate my diagnosis and then implement an action plan of which they take ownership. I always endeavour to exceed their expectations!

Click 'Play' to see me teaching "Theory And Practical" to personal trainers

Beyond the theoretical and practical knowledge of helping you with your own health and wellbeing I have found you need someone that listens and communicates to your individual needs, taking into account what's going on in your life today.

Click 'Play' to see me 'Training The Trainers".

It is for that reason that I have disposed with much of the formalities on this website. I have gone to the trouble to answer as many of your questions here, make videos to explain things. In case I have left anything out, feel free to contact me contact me about your enquiry.